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Lutron Homeworks, wholehouse lighting systems...The benefits...and using a Certified Installer.

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Our company is a Certified Installer and Registered dealer for Lutron's Homeworks QS/QSX systems.

These systems, whilst can be used for parts of residences, are generally used for Whole House lighting and shading control and this is generally when they come into their own. They also can be interfaced into other environmental control systems, for underfloor heating and air conditioning, and connect movement sensors to detect room occupancy.

Each button on the Lutron lighting control keypads can be programmed to set any lighting circuit (or group of lighting circuits) within a property, to any level(providing the lighting is dimmable)

So, at what point does it become viable to install a Homeworks system?

There is obviously a cost implication to any system, but the practical benefits increase with the size of property. The ROI time also reduces as property size increases, simply because there are more savings to be made.

How is a Lutron Homeworks System put together and what does it contain?

Lutron Certified Installer | Chorley | Lancashire | North West

LIGHTING CONTROL Create just the right amount of lighting for any activity or set moods(Scenses) in specific areas of your home, make them different dpending on the time of day, have hidden featured trigger by holding buttons for a specific amount of time—all at the touch of a button. GENERAL APPLIANCE CONTROL Conveniently turn off standby power to small appliances, such as audio/visual equipment and computers. AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT CONTROL Coud Control allows connection to systems such as Sonosl. COnnection to Automation systems allow buttons not used for lighting to be used for volume control and source selection

TIMECLOCKS Schedule lighting/Water pumps/Air extraction/ Towel Rails/Sockets for small appliances to turn on and off based on a schedule. The schedule can be a single day, everyday, multiple times per day.

SHADE CONTROL Add Lutron Palladiom blinds to your system, giving you the convenience of protecting your finishes from the sun and also improving your privacy. Blinds/Shade fabric don't have to be just blackout. There are many fabrics that are 'dim out' and choosing the right colours can impede anyone outside from seeing in,but still allow you to see out.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL Air conditioning systems and underfloor heating systems can be interfaced to the Lutron Homeworks system and adjusted using the Lutron App or through a 3rd Party Control system (such as AMX or Savant)

ENERGY CONTROL & MANAGEMENT Mnimise energy usage when you are not at home. This can either be done manually, using the App, or by interfacing with your alarm system to know when you are away from home.

ENHANCED SECURITY Use external sensors or triggers from Analytical CCTV cameras to light the exterior of your property, when movement is detected. Also, mimic being home by using randomised lighting

What are the benefits of using a Certified Installer?

Using a Certified installer to commission your Lutron system gives you an 8 year limited warranty

0 - 5 Years 100% Covered

5 - 8 Years 50% Covered

8 Years + 0% Covered

*subject to Lutron terms and conditions

What options do I have to match Lutron Controls with my home Decor?

Lutron wall controls come in mutliple sizes, varying number of buttons and varying finishes from plain white through to custom antique metal finishes. We can also have custom finishes made if there is something specific that you need. You can change finishes in different rooms and change ranges if you require.

The three ranges that we use are 'Alisse', 'Seetouch' and Palladiom.

1. Seetouch

has multiple button configurations from two through to ten that can be engraved after installation. This means you can have basic program when you first take delivery of your system, work out what you would like, have your program changed and then get your engraveing completed.

Finishes are not as expansive as the Palladiom or Alisse range.

Lutron International Seetouch Keypad | Lutron Dealer Lancashire | North West
Lutron International Seetouch Keypad

Each button is backlit allowing the engraving to standout in the dark. The backlight can also be adjusted by the programmer.

2. Alisse

This is a relatively new range. it has premium finishes and there is the possibility to have sockets made with exact finish match to your Alisse Lutron faceplates.

Lutron Alisse Keypad | Lutron Homeworks Certified installer Lancashire North West
Lutron Alisse Keypad

The differnce with Alisse, is that you have to decide on engraving before ordering. Each button is subtely backlit. Extremely elegant.

3. Palladiom

This range has a more modern/minimalist look with clean lines, flush buttons which are backlit

Lutron Palladiom Keypad |  Certifed Lutron Dealer North West England
Lutron Palladiom Keypad

Engraving has to be ordered at the time when the switch is ordered

What happens if my Lutron Homeworks installer stops trading ?

This is a good question and it applies to all automation systems,since they all contain a program. In the case of Lutron Homeworks, it is pretty simple. The program belongs to the customer through the Lutron Cloud. If you need to change contractor, as the customer you can give permission to a new installer to take over your system. A copy of your program is stored in the cloud.

Who installs the system?

Usually, an Electrical contractor installs the dimming equipment and anything that is related to 230v or light fittings.

We would normally help the electrical contractor with any queries whilst installting and the electrical contractor would run the Lutron Bus cables for the switches. We would then install the Lutron switches and comission the system with a basic program. We would then come back a few weeks later and finalise the programming with the customer.

3672434a_hwqs keypad dsg_screen view
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