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Intercoms and secure access control is a key part of all security systems. The Intercom acts as a first line device, people don't know if you are at home or not if you choose not to answer. Most intercoms have a mobile app that allows you to answer from where ever you are. This is a good deterrent, since whoever is at the gate doesn't know whether you are answering from inside the property or not.

2N Intercom systems are a high quality intercom an access control manufacture. Their product is extremely flexible, it can be interfaced with systems such as AMX allowing touch screen control, and it has multiple options for allowing home owners to access main gates, pedestrian gates and doors within their residence. 

You can access gates using your mobile(Bluetooth) on a secure app, RF ID - using a card or fob, Key code on a keypad or fingerprint.

To add to this, their cloud service allows you to answer your intercom from wherever you are using your mobile device(tablet/phone), as long as both your home and where you are, has internet access. You can see the camera from the intercom, speak to the person at the gate and open the gate remotely . No one has to even knows that you are not home.

If you have more than one intercom or gate, all of these are available to you on the mobile app. You can also answer your intercom an open gates using touch controlled answering station.

Using 2N intercoms and access control you, the customer, have access to add more people to your access list, PIN code for opening gates, make temporay PIN codes, create Access codes that can only be used at specific times and control over your cloud subscriptions via an online portal - if you want to do this. If not, we can manage that on your behalf.

2N intercom mobile App
2N intercom cloud management
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