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Why Choose us?

Many years experience....

We have many years of experience working in high end environment and properties in many countries. We are used to problem solving and producing customer friendly systems.

We have 'rescued' many partially completed or non-working systems. We do our best to use as much of your existing equipment as possible,

Quality equipment..

We only supply good quality, tried and tested equipment  - so that you are not the test bed for something new.

We also only supply equipment from manufacturers who give good support and warranties.

In house programming...

For the systems we supply, the programming and configuration is done by us, not a third party.

This means that any ammendments can be done in a short timescale rather than waiting for other contractors to be available to do it and there are no disagreements between contractors about who is responsible for what.

Remote Support....

We can put processes and equipment in place to allow us to do remote support without attending site. We current remote support project through Europe, the UK & the USA.

This make fixing issues and minor upgrades quicker and more cost effective. 

Design experience...

We have many years experience in design work, ensuring that systems are designed around the customers requirement, not just something that is easy to produce. We produce systems that do the required job, rather than something that is just easy to put together and program.

Experience in many sectors..

We have worked in many sectors and with that brings ideas and solutions that can be used in others.

We have worked in Schools & Universities, Super Yacht, High end residential and high end Commercial (Banks/Insurance companies). All of this work has expanded our knoweldege of product and solutions which we use in other areas.

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