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Lutron QS Homeworks is probably the best lighting control system available on the market. Lutron are an extremely well known brand in the market. QS Homeworks is highly reliable, highly flexible, highly styled switches, and has an eight year limited warranty. We are certified Lutron Installers for Lutron Homeworks(QS/QSX) and Lutron Shading systems

Having used other brands over the years, we now only sell Lutron Product for the simple reason that IT WORKS and is extremely well supported by the manufacturer. It is a product that you will use on a daily basis and not wonder 'Will it work today?', it just does!

We are a Certified Lutron Installer and Dealer. We are based in the Lancashire Area, we maintain and install Lutron Lighting and Lutron Shading systems throughout the UK.

Lutron Homeworks is able to control pretty much all of the dimming types available on the market today and with todays energy costs, a large house  - even with LED lighting - can give you a considerable electricity bill. Adding occupancy sensors, good lighting programming, and use of timeclocks to automate daily tasks activating only when required will help reduce your usage and, thus, your bills. This especially applies to pumps, motors, & electric heating of any kind. Have Air conditioning and/or underfloor heating? we can also integrate it to bring it under Lutron control and minimise use when the property is not occupied.

Control Keypads come in many shapes, sizes, number of buttons and architectural finishes.





Any button on any lighting keypad can be programmed to control any lighting circuit, or any group of circuits, on the Lutron System. What happens when you press a button can be made to change, depending on the time of day or on specific days, if required, or can simply set a group of lights to a specific level. Hidden features can be added also, which can be triggered by holding buttons for specific time lengths or quickly double tapping buttons.

Timeclocks can be set up to control functions that happen every day, to happen automatically. For example, your outside lights can be programmed so that they relate to sunset and sunrise times(on at Sunset and off at Sunrise). The system recalculates the sunrise and sunset times every day, based on your location, so that your timer doesn't need to be changed throughout the year - unlike a manual timer.

Items such as Water features can be programmed to start at fixed times and also can be conditional of you being at home if required.

The possibilities, due to the flexibility of the programming environment, are endless.

Our approach is simplicity. We  make layouts and functions of the buttons consistent throughout the property. This makes it extremely easy to remember what happens in each room, the button engraving does assist with this. However, being able to walk into a room and just click the right button without thinking is better. Whilst we are engineering based, we understand how to build systems for non technical people.

Have an older Lutron system and would like to upgrade to have new features? 

It is possible, in most circumstances, to upgrade the front end of the system whilst maintaining most of your original dimming equipment(Subject to survey) - Call us to enquire.

Lutron Lighting Certified Installer Lancashire | Palladiom Keypads
Certified Lutron installer Lancashire | Lutron Grafik T
Certified Lutron Installer | Lutron Controls Lancashire | Alisse
Lutron Installer Lancashire | Lutron Alisse

Switch plates to control your lighting system have varying styles with finishes to suit your decor. The plates above are from the 'Alisse' range. The images below are from the Palladiom range

Certified Lutron Installer Lancashire | Lutron Palladiom

Lutron QS can also be connected to AC systems to allow extended control of your environmental systems, control Extraction fans, Water features, Outside lighting, Electronic controlled doors and windows. For the ultimate experience, add Lutron shading, available as wired or wireless

We provide systems for new build and refurbishments, working in partnership with house builders and Interior Design companies or direct to end user. We also can provide packages that allow electrical contractors to provide QS Homeworks on their projects.

We also provide maintenance and reprogramming services for existing Lutron systems or systems that are incomplete.

Interested? CALL US!

There is also some more information on one of our blog posts

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