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Automated Window treatments that shape the daylight in any room, with simple elegance.

Lutron Shading systems(also know as Window Treatments) are the most flexible, reliable, and fashionable automated shading system available today. There are multiple options for types of blind (roller shades, Venetian blinds, traditional drapery tracks, Kirbé Vertical Drapery System, tensioned shades, horizontal sheer blinds and Roman shades) and also Drapery tracks. All of which integrated seemlessly with Lutron QS/QSX systems and can operate as independent systems. Shading systems are available as Wired and Battery powered. 

There is a massive choice of fabrics, from blackout to varying degrees of translucency, to ensure that you can get the result for your luxury space that you are looking to achieve. Fabric choice is obviously very important and there is a fantastic resource available at the website, which allows you to filter fabrics based of shade type and fabric collections.

Selecting the correct fabric can assist with reduction in energy usage and also helps preserve furnishings/flooring by reducing the effect of sun bleaching. When installed with a QS/QSX Homeworks system, shades can be scheduled to auomatically open or close at specific times or based on certain events.


We are a Lutron Certified Dealer and Lutron Certified Installer. This ensures that you get an 8 year limited warranty when we install and commission your system.

Lutron shades Certified installer Lancashire

Sivoia QS Shading systems

The Sivoia QS range has both wired, & wireless shades and are ideal for planned full refurbishment or new build areas, where it is possible to get wiring to to the desired location. The Wireless QS shades require a power supply to the shade motor, the control is wireless.


Lutron Certified Installer Lancashire | Home Automation
Lutron Certified Installer Lancashire | Home Automation
Lutron Certified Installer Lancashire | Home Automation
Lutron Certified Installer Lancashire | Home Automation
Lutron Certified Installer Lancashire | Home Automation
Lutron Certified Installer Lancashire | Home Automation

Palladiom Shading Systems

Palladiom is the premium range of shading. It has premium fabrics, with brackets and hembars to perfectly match the range of Palladiom keypads. With Palladiom, everything is crafted beatifully to be 'on show'. Add to this the quietness of the drive motors, hembar alignment and elegant fabrics; it makes for a compelling solution for beautiful spaces.






















Palladiom Wire-Free Shading Systems

The Palladiom Wire-Free Blinds System offers both simple, wire-free installation and precise, automated control of daylight in Lutron's most refined aesthetic. Extend the ultimate in design flexibility to every room in every home - for both existing homes and new construction. The  System runs on 'Active Energy Optimization', a battery management architecture designed to optimize the efficiency of traditional alkaline batteries to extend battery lifetime. This blind uses no more than six D-cell batteries, while still maintaining an industry-leading battery life of three to five years using fewer batteries.

With the release of Palladiom Wire-Free shades, retro fitting blinds is no longer a compromise.











More information is available on Lutron's Website by clicking HERE

There is also some more information about Palladiom Wire-Free Shades in our blog. You can get a quick link to it HERE

Lutron Palladiom Shading | Lutron Installer Preston
Lutron Palladiom Shading
Lutron Palladiom Shading
Lutron Palladiom Shading
Lutron Palladiom wire free battery shades | Lutron Certified Installer North West

Intelligent Hembar Alignment


This is a very important feature of Lutron's shading product. With most blinds, there are differences between individual motor speeds. Most shading systems are also not able to command the shades to lower or raise to a specific level, it is simply done by telling the shade to lower or raise for a specific amount of time. Due to this fact,this generally leads to an uneven level over multiple blinds.

Lutron shades use a systems know as Intelligent Hembar Alignment to combat this problem.

For a group of Lutron shades, the system monitors and adjusts the shade motorspeeds to ensure that they lower at the same speed and finish at the same point at the same time. This is particularly impressive as usually, over time, motors change their characteristics and this feature is able to combat this problem.

The result of using a preset to a fixed level is shown in the picture below. All of the Hembars align perfectly and in the video of one of our installations below, shows the effect of good setup.

Lutron Certified Installer | Intelligent Hembar Alignment | Lutron Palladiom Wire-Free Shades


Why Choose Lutron Shades?


















8 Year Limited Warranty

Lutron Shade motors have an 8 year Limited Warranty. If the product fails during normal use and the installation/commissioning has been done by an official Lutron Shades qualified dealer, the following product warranty will apply *

0 - 5 Years                           100% Covered

5 - 8 Years                            50%  Covered

8 Years +                                0%  Covered

*subject to Lutron terms and conditions

We also offer trade packages for Developers and Interior Designers.

Interested? Call us on +44 1257 267 494 or complete our contact form

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