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AMX Home automation Touchscreen
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Smart controls Lancashire | AMX Varia Touch Panel
AMX Varia Touch Panel



Control systems are installed in residences to take away the requirement for the user to have deep technical knowledge, whilst being able to operate systems for the whole property/or individual rooms from one place, usually by the use of a touch screen. The touch screen has a simplied interface, with buttons that, with one press, may do one thing or multiple actions. Systems such as this are described as 'Smart Home' systems, but they are only 'Smart' if they actually reduce complication, remove daily tasks that would normally be done manually, warn you of faults or faults that could be about to occur.

Most "so called" smart systems are simply a bunch of Apps that have no relation to eachother and do not interact.

A True Smart home allows products to work together to provide combined functions or 'event triggers', this is where one event sets off multiple actions in multiple devices. However, simplicity is the key. If the user cannot use it, what is the point?

Ever tried using your underfloor heating thermostat? Usually you have to get the manual out just to change the setpoint temperature. Using touch screen control, you can adjust any room in the home or all together from one place. When you set your alarm to AWAY, the underfloor heating is set to fall back automatically. Making everyday functions simple and quick is the whole essence of installing control systems.

An example interface for underfloor heating is shown below. 

Changing The target temperature is simple. Just touch the temperature and a window pops up to allow you to to make the change. Press raise or lower to set the temperature you would like and press confirm. The change is done.  No Manual required!

The system can be set up to set the same temperature to all zone or preset temperatures to specific areas.

This can be applied to lots of technology. Lighting, Shades, CCTV, Air Conditioning, Underfloor Heating, Cinema Projector/Equipment, TV's, Satellite boxes, Intruder alarms, Intercoms and Gates, Gas fires, Sprinkler controllers, Music servers, Movie Servers, power controllers and many other devices.

The whole idea is to produce  a user friendly interface that is usuable thorughout the property. It is extendable to using iPads or Android devices as well.

Alarm systems are another example of a system that is unnecessarily complicated. Our systems make it simple and allow you to see a map of your property and where each zone is and what state it is in


Its very easy to see if windows or doors are open or have issues simply by the colour coding. Again, simplicity is what this is all about.


In times such as now, where energy prices have sky rocketed. Whole house automation can assist with energy saving in a few ways. Installation and control of blinds can reduce heat loss, combined with sensors in rooms that reduce the "setpoint" temperature in rooms that have not been used for a set period of time. We can also use thermostats that regulate the amount of heat pushed into an area when it is approaching the required temperature. This prevents overshoot(where the room goes over temperature, then under temperature and repeats), which wastes a surprising amount of energy and helps to keep the room at the required temperature without having to pump large amounts of energy into the area. By use of sensors and a Lighting control system, again lighting can be turned off in areas that are not being used, Outside lighting can be controlled tightly so its only on when necessary and the status and control of everything done by the AMX Control system.

The control system can be infinitely updated to add features that you would like, tailored to how you would like them to work. This is a great thing because, as most people use their Automation system they start to understand what extra feature could make their lives easier.

There are several manufacturers of control systems about, some better than others. Some have a place for the level that they are at, where manufacturers write the software and the installer simply configures it. The issue with this, is that if there are any problems with the software, you have to wait for the manufacturer to fix it. An example of this is Control4.

Our choice is AMX, which is owned by Samsung & Harman. Our software is totally written by us, allowing us to totally customise it to suit what the customer requires and also fix any issues that arise.

Again, we have used multiple control systems over the years, and this is our choice based on reliability and flexibility. It allows us to design projects using the right equipment for the project rather than selecting equipment because that is all our control system will control. We design our project, based on customer requirement, and author the software to suit. With other control systems, this may not be an option.

Simplify..add value...take control

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SMart Home Control Lancashire | AMX Varia Touchscreen
Home Controls Lancashire | Varia Touchscreen
Smart Home Lancashire | AMX Varia Touch screen
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