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WiFi is now part of everyday life and we all consider it a 'given' that WiFi will be available.

However, extending WiFi in larger properties is sometimes a challenge. Using great quality equipment is one part of the solution, but also understanding what the homeowner uses their network for, is also very important.

There may also be a requirement for a wired network for higher speeds and perhaps for security. 

The equipment chosen must have the ability to transfer as much of the bandwidth, provided by your internet provider, through to your WiFi connected devices. Many cheap routers and WiFi devices on the market are not capable of this and provide either low speeds (compared with that supplied) or sporadic, rather than continuous speeds. If you watch Internet TV or other streaming services, this can affect viewing or quality of image.

In many properties that we visit, we find that the Wireless Network is actually made up of multiple inividual WiFi points that are actually all different single networks. We use products that provide the ability to create one single network that will allow your devices to 'roam' throughout your property without losing connection. This means that your device(Mobile/Tablet) will effectively 'hop' to the next available WiFi point when it detects that there is better throughput/signal strength available(providing your mobile device is capable of doing this).

As with everything, quality of product makes the difference.

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