Our company has 20 years plus of experience of working in the Audio Visual/Automation industry. We are able to offer a multitude of services which include design work, project management and installation work.

Lighting Design & Lutron Lighting systems.


Lighting is an extremely important part of your home. Ideally, your lighting should show off the features of your home, but should still work to provide a practical home. It is pointless to have a home that looks fantastic, but its too dark to clean,read or cook or too bright to watch TV.  Good lighting design accents the features of your home but give you adequate light to do the practical things. Lighting design, combined with a Lighting Control System - such as Lutron - allows the most flexible solution, allowing scenes to be set for different uses and also to automate function based on the time of day or due to an event occuring.












Lutron QS Homeworks, in conjunction with good lighting design,  provides stunning results, like the ones above. It also provides owners with the ability to have full control of lighting without having many switches, it can be done from single button presses. More to the point, if the owner changes their mind, every/any button can be reprogrammed to suit the owners requirement.














Lutron systems can be controlled using apps for iPhone/iWatch, multi button keypads (which can have buttons engraved so that they are backlit) or LCD based dynamic keypads. Lutron QS also allows the users to rework the scenes originally set by the programmer. This way, if the user is inclined to do so, they can manipulate their own settings for light levels.

Lutron Lighting systems are probably the most flexible lighting systems available today. They also have green credentials, so energy saving is at their heart. Simply changing to LED lighting is only part of saving energy. Lighting control systems can be linked, using Automation controllers, and work in conjuction with your alarm system and Audio Visual system to intelligently control what happens within your home. Different scenes can be set so that your home looks occupied when you are not home, but doesn't spend a fortune in doing so. When you are home, your system lights your home for full usage.


If you rent your property out and you charge fixed fees per month(including bills), Lutron Lighting systems (and automation systems in general) can help you save on your bills. Your renters generally won't care if lighting is left on when they leave the property or if the AC system is on full blast when doors are wide open. Automation can help reduce wasteful use of energy and your renters will not even realise as everything runs in the background.



Home Automation


Home Automation is a very broad term. Home automation  can, when implemented properly, make daily life much easier and take away the complication of running complicated audio visual/Air conditioning/underfloor heating/lighting systems. Multiple remote controls are replaced by a simple interface and custom software, using an iPad or similar. As you get used to the system, you can request more functions or add extra equipment. The beauty of Home automation systems is that they are expandable as your requirement grows ...... and they are simple to use.


Home automation systems should combine functions that are used commonly on a daily basis(such as TV and music control) that need user interaction, and those that do not (such as AC Control, Underfloor heating control, Sprinklers etc..) that may just be scheduled - but could have user interaction. 

Home Automation helps on a couple of fronts. Firstly, it allows all of the ugly equipment to be hidden away but still be controlled by the user - allowing your carefully designed room to maintain its features. Secondly, it gives the user access to controlling their environment (Air conditioning, underfloor heating etc..) without having too be a rocket scientist to understand the controls. We offer programmable automation systems by AMX & Crestron.














Touchscreens or iPads/iPhones/Android devices can be used to replace manufacturers touchscreens with the addition of the control system manufacturers own application. Touchscreens can be personalised to suit the user or users and themes can be changed depending on who is using it. Features may also be hidden depending on who is using the device.



Home Cinema


Home Cinema design is very subjective. We can design cinema packages based on a budget and give you the maximum impact for your money, As technology has moved on costs have reduced and high quality cinemas are now 'in reach'. Whilst cinema rooms are still popular, 'dual use' rooms are also very popular - where the family room or play room doubles up as a cinema and the cinema equipment is hidden, using automation, when not in use.

How your cinema looks is totally down to your imagination and budget.




















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Energy Management



Whilst the economy is recovering, no one wants to pay too much for Electricity and Gas. Most residences may be energy efficient, in terms of insulation, but the way that heating/lighting and Air condition are used are generally not considered - they do, however, make a huge difference.

When people install Smart Home/Home Automation, bias is usually towards controlling audio visual equipment and maybe controlling air conditioning/underfloor heating as a feature. We consider the environmental aspect of your home to be part of your home automation system and our software has built in smart aspects that make use of your alarm sensors/status and  lighting system sensors, to ensure that the lighting system, underfloor system and AC system. We can also control sockets to ensure that when you leave your home, everything that goes into standby actually gets turned off.....every little counts.

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Rent your property out? then this is what you need. Sensors will turn off the AC when doors are left open for too long, the the underfloor heating will turn off when the AC is in cool mode and is running, when the alarm is set the AC will turn off and the underfloor heating will set back by a couple of degrees, the heated towel rails will turn off and the Audio visual system will turn off and the correct lighting scene will be set for the time of day - this may be 'all off' or may be a low level scene at night whilst people are out of the house.

System Rescue



Have a system installed and it doesn't work? has it ever worked? Company who installed it not in business any more or doesn't answer the phone? We may be able to help, call us and we can discuss it.

Most systems can be made to work to varying degrees, unless the design is really poor. It is all down to infrastructure and design.